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"The study of history is largely a waste of time because it prevents us [b]from focusing on the challenges of the present. " [b]Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion [b]expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples [b]from your own experience, observations, or reading.(新与旧) [b][b]Is studying history is a waste of time because it distracts us from current [b]challenges? Does the study of history have any bearing on present problems [b]or their possible solutions? In my opinion, history can provide examples, [b]perspectives and insights that are directly relevant to contemporary [b]challenges. [b]One way that studying history can help us face new challenges is by showing [b]us inspirational examples f success. For instance, we can learn from the [b]experience of the great inventor Thomas Edison that sometimes a series of [b]apparent failures is really a precursor to success. Also consider the [b]journey of Lewis and dark into the Northwest Territory. Understanding the [b]motivations needed to overcome adversities they faced can help to inspire [b]modem-day explorers and scientists. [b]Studying history can also help us avoid repeating mistakes. For instance, [b]we can learn from the failure of Prohibition during the 1930s that it can [b]be a mistake to legislate morality. And future generations might learn from [b]the 1997 indictment of the tobacco industry that it is bad policy to trade [b]off the well-being of consumers in order to secure profits. [b]Finally, the study of history is important because we cannot fully [b]appreciate our present challenges without understanding their historical [b]antecedents. Consider the issue of whether California should be officially [b]bilingual. The treaty that transferred California from Mexico to the United [b]States stipulated that California must embrace both Spanish and English as [b]official languages. Those who view the current bilingual debate as purely a [b]contemporary issue might bring to the debate a more enlightened viewpoint [b]by appreciating this historical fact and the events that led to the treaty. [b]In sum, though the past might seem distant, it is far from irrelevant. [b]Studying history can inspire us to achievement, help us avoid costly [b]mistakes, and help us simply appreciate that in most cases we've been down [b]this road before. [b]
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