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Boys and girls should attend separate schools. [b][b]We are humans living among humans. Humans comprise of men and women. In [b]fact, a person does not exit except being a man or a woman. It is written: [b]“Male and female he created them.” Therefore, it is no wonder to say that [b]the relationship between men and women is the most natural one in the world. [b][b]As we know, a person’s childhood years, from birth until twelve years of [b]age, are the most important. All the information I have read about that [b]time of life states that these are the years that form us. These years [b]determine what kind of a person the child will become. During these years [b]we learn about relationships, begin our formal education and develop our [b]moral sense of right and wrong. [b][b]By isolating boys and girls in separate schools, we derive them of normal [b]childhood. Thus, a series of negative effects will accompany them through [b]out their lives. [b][b]They will not enjoy the kaleidoscope of friendship as others will, because [b]their opportunities of establishing friendship with the opposite genders [b]has been greatly diminished. Even worse, they might have been indoctrinated [b]with false belief on boys or girls. The stereotypes and myths they have [b]learned in their early days will make them unlikely to have smooth [b]communication with people. Consequently, their satisfactory level in future [b]career will be lowered, since today’s business has enter the partnering [b]era which put more emphasis on quality relationship—the key to survival [b]rather than an option in last century. [b][b]When these boys and girls grow up, they will enter marriage. It is written: [b]“It is not good for the man to be alone.” How they choose their life [b]partner greatly relies on their childhood experience. They often conceive [b]improper concept on the true meaning of love and marriage. Various [b]researches have shown that they often suffer from unhappy marriage and [b]their divorce rate is twice higher than the average. It is also written: [b]“Be fruitful and increase in number.” Naturally, these couples will have [b]children. Apparently, children of unhappily married or divorced parents [b]often become victims of many psychological unhealthiness, loneliness and [b]depression for instance. If the percentage of this kind of families in our [b]society is significantly high, we humans, as a unity, will definitely be [b]troubled by lots of social problems. [b][b]Therefore, I cannot agree with the statement that boys and girls should [b]attend separate schools. [b][b]-------------------------------------------------------------------------- [b]In the second paragraph, try not to use 'I', since it is a little [b]inharmonious with the rest of passage. [b][b]By using the conjunctions like since, therefore, furthermore, etc. at [b]appropriate places, you will be able to present the paper in a more [b]logically ordered manner. [b][b]Anyway, I think the supporting reasons for the statement are good enough, [b]and they will be convincing once they are more carefully organized. Keep [b]going. [b][b]简评by goldeneagle
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