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  Microsoft founder Bill Gates knows a lot of things, but the price of Tide Pods is not one of them.


  The tech billionaire made his first appearance on Ellen Degeneres’s talk show on Wednesday to play little game called “Bill’s Grocery Bills,” where Gates had to try to guess the prices of some common household items.


  If he named the price of three of the five items, the audience would get a prize. The only problem is that the last time Gates went to a grocery store was “a long time ago.” That could explain why the Microsoft founder thought a pack of Totino’s pizza rolls cost $22 (they’re really a bargain at $8.98). While Gates has made it clear he wants to give away the bulk of his fortune, over-spending on pizza rolls is probably not the underlying mission of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


  Gates was also way off on the price of a pack of Tide Pods. When he guessed $4, the audience guffawed. “They want me to go higher,” Gates said, changing his guess to $10, which was still nearly $10 off the $19.99 price tag of YouTubers’ favorite snack. The one item he did nail? Dental floss, because of course Gates is a regular flosser.


  While Gates may not know the price of TGI Fridays’ spinach-and-artichoke dip, he tried to convince DeGeneres that he doesn’t have that many “extravagant tastes.” Then he went on to confess a few of his “indulgences,” including a Porsche, a private plane, and a trampoline room in his house.


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