【经验分享】TOEFL 105 (18/01/13ML)
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Dear GTers who are preparing for TOEFL right the moment or in the future,

大家好呀~ :)

I checked out my TOEFL score this morning 105 (R:30/L:24/S:23/W:28), well not
that bad as i imagined that day after taking the exam, it's passable, except
that Speaking Section is a lower than the score line of some graduate schools
(Speaking ≥ 24).

今早查分 T105 中规中矩还凑合 但比我考完后预期的好. 后续希望抽空再考一次, 
口语 ≥ 24 申请才稳.

I didn't spend much time on Listening. This idea proves to be rather reckless
and capricious. You see I've paid a big price in the Listening Section. Please
keep listening to TPO and make it a routine or even a hobby. Actually I'm
kinda like it for it's some sort of audio encyclopedia.

听力我做了几套TPO觉得不难, 就没怎么练习了, 然后就二了. 要练要练, 而且要精练. 
但不用刷太多, 客观上没必要也没时间. 每天/或每两天, 随机抽出一套TPO, 

When it comes to the Speaking Section, it's a different story. I intentionally
invested most of my available time in it, collecting, modifying materials
online and writing several paragraphs as supporting examples which are pretty
useful in the Speaking & Writing Section. But I didn't spend sufficient time
on integrated speaking tasks, which eventually teaches me a lesson. Well,
however, I started to like speaking tasks particularly integrated speaking
tasks. Let's see what score I can achieve on the next shot.

口语, 老大难. 我的积累和时间付出没有体现在成绩中, 只是量变还未成质变, 
我相信(也可能迷之自信), 我已找到了自己舒适的训练方式. 不再畏惧. 虽然现在
情况是 triple fair. hmm... 

According to the Writing Section, I would say although I got a seemingly
decent score 28, I was definitely not pleased by my performance in the exam. I
failed to finish my independent writing essay in the exam.  I only wrote the
introduction, the 1st & 2nd middle paragraph, and 2 or 3 sentences of the 3rd
middle paragraph. Thus, personally I think scoring 28 can probably be merely a
stroke of luck. Yet, I would try to explain the score as follows: I probably
performed pretty well in the integrated writing task, and the 3 paragraphs I
wrote in the independent task are also quite satisfying, hmm, I would say they
are well-organized and not short.

写作28, 有一定概率是懵的. 独立写作没写完. 有一大段没有展开, 只写了两三句话, 
一眼就能看出没写完的样子. 但可能我写到的部分还都是写得比较好吧. 综合写作应
该是完成得还不错. 综合/独立都是 good. 

Compared to GRE, TOEFL delivers a lot more fun. GRE, hmm.. Bro, I hope I can
learn a lot from you. Yes, I'm now refocusing on preparing for GRE test. I
have been becoming a guy lack of self-confidence ever since some miserable
things happened to me at that time.  Hopefully, I can build my confidence once
again through playing the GRE game. Well, let's see.

我希望跟 GRE 打交道的过程中, 我的阅读和写作 能有大幅提升, 愿望总是非常美好. 

Many thanks for Dr. Simon WANG and all the fellow students in his groups,
including Bear, 阿芙, 周艺, 猜, 破吉他, and many others whose nickname I can't
type correctly.

运气好抱到了王老师的大腿, 还有小组学习氛围好, 感谢所有小组成员的互助和陪伴, 
Bear, 阿芙, 周艺, 猜, 破吉他, 还有其他小伙伴. 昵称比较抽象.. 




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