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ME: Hi!(巨蠢 )I'm here applying for a F-1 student visa.
VO:(低头看DS-160若干秒)Which school you are heading for?
ME: Boston College Law School, in Boston, MA.
VO: So your program would be LL.M., right?
ME: Yeah, Mater of Law, only lasts for 1 year, then I'll be back.(终结者的梗 )
VO: (在电脑上打字)You graduated from XX University last month?
ME: Yeah, I was awarded with Bachelor of Laws on May 15th.
VO: (继续打字)Who will pay for your studying?
ME: My parents. (默默掏出Certificate of Deposit)
VO: (压根儿没抬头看我的文件)O...K! Congratulations, your visa has been approved.
ME: (从蒙蔽中回神,假装一脸淡定)Thank you very much. Have a nice day!

PS: 准备了不少其他材料,最后基本没用上,大幸!感谢寄托VIS 美国签证版的帮助!

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