双语:iPhone X面部识别遭恶搞 防偷窥面罩问世
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  苹果公司于近日发布十周年纪念款iPhone设备——iPhone X,这款手机最大卖点之一是用Face ID取代了Touch ID。对此,不少小伙伴表示疑虑,如果睡着以后被别人拿手机刷脸怎么办?于是,就有小伙伴幻想了各种场景,比如晚上睡觉被媳妇儿偷偷拿iPhone X刷脸解锁,结果婚姻走向破裂,又比如被坏人绑架强行拿走iPhone X刷脸解锁并把账户里的钱全部转走等等。


  When Apple unveiled its new iPhone X that lets users unlock the device with facial recognition (called Face ID), many joked that this would allow their partners to snoop on their phones, and that they'd have to wear masks to sleep.

  苹果公司近日发布最新款iPhone X手机,用户可通过面部识别解锁。很多人开玩笑说,这个功能会让另一半偷看自己的手机,以后必须得带着面罩睡觉了。

  To help upcoming iPhone X users protect themselves, online retailers are now selling masks, including one dubbed 'anti-facial recognition headgear.'

  为了帮助iPhone X用户保护自己,网上零售商开始售卖面罩,其中有一款称为“防面部识别头罩”。

  While Apple's premium anniversary device won't be released in China until November, several vendors on the country's e-commerce giant Taobao are now selling such 'accessories' for those with untrustworthy partners.

  尽管苹果公司的高价周年纪念手机iPhone X要到11月才在中国发售,淘宝网上的几个卖家已经开始面向另一半靠不住的网友们出售这款手机“配件”了。

  The green mask called 'anti-facial recognition headgear' is selling on the site for 39 yuan (or $5.95).


  Another seller has also listed a black mask in the name of the iPhone X.

  还有位卖家推出了iPhone X防面部识别黑色面罩。

  Released alongside the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the new device has inspired countless memes online, focused largely on the new futuristic Face ID.

  与iPhone 8和iPhone 8 Plus一起推出的iPhone X,让网友们灵感迸发,创造出无数的表情包,大多数集中于这款手机的新式面部识别技术。

  The iPhone X’s new TrueDepth camera system includes an infrared camera, and other new technology.

  iPhone X最新的TrueDepth摄像头系统包括一个红外摄像头,还利用了其他的新技术。

  The Face ID will learn your face, so every time you glance at the iPhone, it detects your face - even in the dark.



  One Twitter user, for example, channeled the infamous CPR scene from The Office in which Dwight Shrute shocks everyone buy cutting the face off the dummy and wearing it as his own.


  Many Game of Thrones fans also made jokes about Arya Stark in response to the new feature.


  'iPhone X Face ID has been trained to protect against Arya Stark,' one user wrote.

  一位用户写道:“iPhone X的面部识别技术已经过训练,可以免受艾莉亚•史塔克的仿冒手段。”

  'Apple: Now you will unlock your iPhone 8 (sic) with your face so no one else can unlock it,' wrote another with a picture of Arya smirking.

  还有一位用户贴出艾莉亚假笑的剧照并写道:“苹果公司:现在你可以用面部识别解锁你的iPhone 8(原文,应为iPhone X),这样就没有其他人能解锁它了。”

  After the jokes about breaking into phones, a second wave of memes about wearing masks as a form of protection against snoopers hit social media.


  Users on both Instagram and Twitter began joking about having to wear masks to sleep from now on.


  'How you gotta sleep next to your girl after you cop the new iPhone X,' one user wrote, including a picture of someone wearing a mask.

  一位用户贴出戴着面罩的照片写道:“买了最新的iPhone X手机,可怎么和心爱的姑娘同床共枕呢”。

  'Apple's new Face ID is going to have dudes wearing one of these to bed,' wrote another, who attached a picture of metal face armor.


  事实上,这些担心苹果公司早就有所考虑。Face ID能够顺利解锁的条件之一是需要捕捉用户眼神的,换句话说,如果你睡着了或是紧闭双眼,仅靠面部扫面是无法完成解锁或是支付的。


  Twitter users also turned to memes to express their shock at the hefty price tag following Apple's highly-anticipated unveiling, sharing images of characters with eyes bulged in surprise, and in some cases, even fainting.


  One user shared a meme featuring the SpongeBob Squarepants character Patrick Star, saying 'I have $3,' while another cited The Office: 'I declare bankruptcy.'


  Despite the backlash online, experts say the $1,000 price point likely won’t be an issue.


  Carolina Milanesi, an analyst with Creative Strategies, told Dailymail.com: ‘It’s a great product, and I think the price is entirely justified.



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