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Foisie School of Business in WPI  

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David Prince
Associate Director of Admissions


伍斯特理工学院Worcester Polytechnic Institute是一所历史悠久的科技大学,成立于1865年。WPI长期以来一直是美国新英格兰地区最好的学校,WPI在新英格兰地区的企业界,有着非常好的认知度。他们非常了解这所学校的传统和历史,知道这里的学生都是最优秀、最能干的理工科学生。WPI的学生受欢迎的程度,仅次于麻省理工学院MIT。伍斯特理工学院被美国新闻与世界报道列为第57位的国家博士级院校;被普林斯顿评论评选的“MBA最佳就业前景”的院校中名列第九。


The School of Business at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is rooted in WPI's strengths in technology, engineering, and science, and is known for developing innovative and entrepreneurial leaders for a global technological world.

We focus on:
▪ Creating and leading technology-based organizations;
▪ Innovating by creating new processes, products, services, based on technology; 
▪ Integrating technology into the workplace.

We emphasize:
▪ Innovative and project-based education that integrates the theory and the practice of management, and prepares students to assume positions of leadership in an increasingly global business environment;
▪ Basic scholarship, while also valuing the scholarship of application and the scholarship of instruction;
▪ Interaction with the business community focused primarily on technological innovation and both individual and organizational entrepreneurship.


MS in Management/MBA:
The Master of Science in Management (MSMG) program offers students the flexibility to tailor a course of study to their interests and career objectives. If you seek a focused program—improving your business skills while excelling in technology-based organizations—the MSMG is right for you.

MS in Information Technology (STEM):
This program is designed for full immersion into information technology, while still providing the comprehensive management principles necessary for understanding the application of IT to business and of business to IT. It provides a solid foundation in information technology, with a wide range of cutting-edge concentrations and management principles.

MS in Marketing and Innovation:
Meeting the challenges of developing and marketing new products and services requires today's savvy professionals to recognize opportunities, create and implement solutions, and develop leadership and interpersonal skills. Through this program, students acquire these and other critical skills that can help them succeed. They learn to recognize the unique needs of technology-oriented environments and how to meet them head-on in this 36-credit-hour program.

MS in Operations Analytics and Management (STEM):
This program balances service and production management—while emphasizing the leadership skills needed to facilitate organizational improvement. Students explore a full range of operational topics, including risk management, lean process design, and global logistics.




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