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First, ads disturb our life. Surely, we all have the experience that an insert of the information about a product often interrupts our pleasure of watching an exciting film on T.V, which makes us so annoyed that sometimes we have the impulse to call the T.V station to make a complaint。

What’s more annoying is that you have spent money on a newspaper, but you’ll find that most of the space in the newspaper is occupied by all kinds of disgusting ads about a medicine of dealing with sexual diseases, which has totally violated your previous desire of getting the news about what is happening。



Ad is an effect way to develop economy. As is calculated by the Statistic Bureau of China, 80% of the products in China are promoted and marketed by ads, which has brought almost 20 billion incomes as the tax to the country。

Meanwhile, with the prosperity of ads industry, more job vacancies are created and more revenue is added to the GDP of China。



In recent time, more and more cases have been reported in newspaper and TV programs about the surprisingly increasing rate of children’s crimes. The situation has become so serious that it has aroused great concern of the whole community。


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