[寄托在线谈]记留学NUS的一切——访Dr Esther Tan
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这一次,我们的采访对象是新加坡国立大学的Dr Esther Tan,她就留学新加坡可能遇到的问题做了一一剖析,让我们一起来看一下这次简短的线上采访视频。


“寄托在线谈”是由寄托官方举办的系列线上访谈活动。此前与寄托合作过的伙伴有British Council、EducationUSA等,也曾邀约UCLA、W&M law school的admission director以及NUS ISS的副院长与版友们亲切答疑分享。

二、被访人Dr Esther Tan简介

Dr Esther Tan is the Chief of Systems Analysis Program. She has be teaching in NUS since 1997. She has interviewed, taught and supervised many international students.


Q1: Dr Esther Tan, could you brief us about your specialty and what kind of research are you doing?

Q2: What should I pay attention when applying the master degree of your major?

Q3: What kind of abilities are required studying in NUS (academically)?

Q4: Apart from academic abilities, qualities are also important. What’s the most crucial qualities that an international student should have?

Q5: What's the difference between studying in Singapore and China for Chinese students generally? /Or in other words (What can international students gain benefit from studying in Singapore/NUS)

Q6: What's the biggest challenge studying in Singapore for Chinese students?

Q7: Nowadays in China, more and more students prefer an Exchange program to experience the life of studying abroad. How do you think of this? Do NUS also provide exchange program?

Q8: Since I heard the academic calendar was different from universities in China. Could you brief about it?

Q9: We know that Studying in another country is not easy, we have to live on our own and face all the difficulties by ourselves. Most students will come across different problems. In your experience, What are the common problems and how to solve them?

Q10: When choosing majors, what should be considered as priority, interest or job opportunities?

Q11: What kind of activities do you suggest students to participate during college life? Why?

Q12: I would like to know more about the internship opportunities during undergraduate and master degree.

Q13: What's your suggestion to those who are about to start their undergraduate and master studies?

Q14: Could you share the most memorable part of your college life?


【问答汇总】[寄托在线谈]NUS ISS副院长与你聊聊IT行业




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