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Under certain conditions, applicants who are renewing a nonimmigrant visa may not be required to come to the Consular Section to apply. Qualifying applicants may use the Visa Renewal - Courier In Documents selection on the Trip Purpose Selection Page to submit their complete visa application via Loomis. Please read below for details and qualifications.
在满足特定的条件时,非移民签证申请人可能(may not)不再需要前往使馆申请。满足条件的申请人可能可以通过Loomis邮递文档的方式来提交他们的签证申请。

This interview waived exemption applies to applicants renewing their visa and who meet ALL of the following qualifications:

The applicant resides in Canada.


Note: Applicants with Canadian student permits, Canadian work permits, or Canadian permanent residency shall be considered as residing in Canada. Applicants with Canadian visitor permits shall not be considered residents.

The applicant previously held a non-immigrant visa and is applying for the same classification of visa except Treaty Trader/Traty Investor (E1/E2), Australian Worker (E3), Temporary Worker (H2), Intra- Company Transfer with Blanket Petition (L), and Refugee/Victims Visas (T, U)

The visa expired less than 12 months ago and is in the applicant’s possession.

If the applicant has been refused a visa, must have been subsequently issued a U.S. visa and is renewing that previously issued visa.

The interview waived exemption does NOT apply to applicants who:

Hold a passport from Cuba, Iran, Syria, or Sudan

Hold a visa previously annotated “Clearance Received” or “Waiver” indicating a previous waiver of ineligibility
之前核发的签证上,annotation下面有写Clearance Received的或者Waiver的

Have checked “yes” to any of the DS-160 security questions, including “have you ever been refused a U.S. visa.”



All applicants should submit:

· Form DS-160 Confirmation Page with barcode (printed on alaser printer)
· Valid Passport with at least one blank page
· Existing visa in the current passport
· Previous passport if it contains the visa being renewed
· Copy of Proof of your status in Canada (e.g. PermanentResident Card, student permit, or work permit)
· Printed Appointment Confirmation pages
· 1 color passport photo 5cm x 5cm, white background,forehead and ears fully visible. Photo must have been taken within the past sixmonths.

In addition, please submit at the following documents asappropriate:

Student Visas (F1, F2, F3, M1, M2, M3)

· I-20 Form generated by SEVIS issued by the school
· SEVIS payment receipt (I-901)

Exchange Visitor Visa (J)

· DS-2019 Form (Certificate of Eligibility for ExchangeVisitor Status)
· DS-7002 Form (Training / Internship Placement Plan), ifapplicable

· SEVIS payment receipt (I-901)

Members of a Crew (D, C1/D)

· A letter from employer on letterhead stationaryconfirming employment with the company and the period of time in the UnitedStates

· Copy of work ID as issued by employer

Journalist (I)

· Copy of Press ID as issued by employer
· Letter from Employer: stating occupation, whether theposition is permanent or temporary, purpose of travel, and length of stay

NAFTA Visa (TN / TD)

· Provide evidence that your employment complies with theguidelines of NAFTA http://travel.state.gov/content/visas/english/employment/nafta.html.
· TD applicants should provide proof of principalapplicant’s TN status, such as copy of their visa or I-94 card.
· Should any of the documents be missing, the applicationwill not be accepted and the applicant would have to schedule a newappointment.

Temporary Worker (H, L, O, P, Q, R)

· Copy of the petition approval notice Form I-797, B

Note: Should any of the documents be missing, the applicationwill not be accepted and the applicant will have to schedule a new appointment.



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