Foolproof guide to a 180 on LSAT
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Offer情况, Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia with $174000, Duke
Waitlist: Chicago (Withdraw)

I owe much of my success on LSAT to my college and Daily_Double from TLS。特别感谢我的American Literature老师逼着我们大一一周读四本书, American Revolution的老师让我们各种写东西。

Myth #1: LSAT是一个阅读速度和理解力的考试,如果你阅读速度很慢,这将极大制约你的发挥
Myth #2: LSAT是一个以英文为载体考察Critical thinking & Reasoning的考试,所以如果你的英文基本功不过关的话建议多读书。多准备
Myth #3: 这个世界上本没有天翼禀赋一说,你要看到别人之前努力过多少。读过多少书。你现在流的汗水就是你昨天虚度年华脑子里进的水
Myth #4: LSAT准备建议4个月以上。如果你想1个多月挑战自己体能极限的话,我建议还是不要试了。
Myth #5: LSAT is a lot of hard work.


单词:LSAT所需要单词应该和SAT基本是持平的,所以如果你词汇量不够1w左右的话建议拿一本Barron 800去看看,这是SAT最核心的词汇。如果LSAT碰到不会的单词就抄在本子上看看就好了


Bible (LG+LR仍然需要) 
Manhattan LR+RC
LSAT Trainer (这本书非常好强烈推荐)
Cambridge Bundle LG+LR 1-38 by type
PT 40 - 71?(到71了?)
Manhattan LSAT forum
Steve LG视频解析



读Bible LG+LR,并开始下手LG 历时一个半月左右。建议这个期间你好好的读一读Economist和New Yorker,可以为你RC稍微打打基础


LG Myth: 重复重复再重复。 我1-38的LG Drill了不知道有没有15遍?大概是有吧。我基本每隔一段时间就回去反复的做那些老题,那些pattern非常的明显。 Pure Sequencing,也就是ordering game,你应该在2分钟之内就解决掉。


LG bible读完后,一直不停的drill LG,这个过程应该持续到你做 Full time practice为止

在读完Bible以后开始用Manhattan LR drill


Necessary Assumption
Sufficient Assumption 
Evaluate the Argument


Must Be True
Most Strongly Supported 
Complete the Passage 
Cannot Be True
Main Conclusion
Point at Issue
Principle (Identify) 
Principle (Apply)


Method (Argument) 
Method (Statement) 
Parallel (Reasoning) 
Parallel (Flaw)

Assumption - these questions revolve around a gap, which is to say, there's at least one reason why the core might not necessarily follow from the supporting premises. I try to identify the gap, then come up with an answer, usually I just come up with one and move to the answers, sometimes it's right, usually it's not, but I'm working on that. Anyways, wrong answers for these questions will reverse the logic, or not address the core, although sometimes you do see premise boosters/premise weakeners as correct answers, this is rare though, you just have to eliminate as many as possible on your first pass. There are additional things to look for in these such as a correlation supporting causation, causation in general, conditionality in general, and formal logic.

Inference - these questions require you to use the information provided to you in the stimulus to select an answer which must follow from that information. Scope is your biggest obstacle in these, you have to possess a very narrow sense of scope, cut down the wrong answers, diagram if you must, and remember the information is in the stimulus, and the correct answer will always follow from it. I'll diagram conditional and formal logic, the rest I usually just work from my notations in the stimulus.

Structure - these questions require you to understand the abstract nature of the argument and pay attention to subtle shifts in terms, degree, division, etc. and select an answer which either conforms to the information in the stimulus or to describe it in an abstract fashion. I usually diagram matching questions, argument part questions are usually pretty straightforward.

按照上面的分类开始Drill,先拿下Assumption family,这占了LR考试50%的分量

对于Assumption Family的问题的思考,建议采取这个过程

1, Author makes a statement (conclusion)

2, He draws whatever evidence to support/refute his conclusion

3, Gap?

4, The argument flows logically.


对于Non-assumption family的Inference question,唯一的技巧就是需要读懂,快速读懂整个paragraph的意思。

而对于Structure question一个小技巧就是从modifier的certainty来处理,must和should的程度就不同。



LG buckle down, LR DRIll, RC Manhattan RC+Drill

这个阶段是为了最后的Full time practice做的准备。

LG依然是不断的重复重复再重复, LR要集中处理自己薄弱的环节了。比如Parallel,比如Assumption family,记得要drill ruthlessly,你一旦放过自己的薄弱环节,LSAC就会在考场上狠狠的摧毁你。


1) Read for structure - you've probably heard this before, but it really is the main thing that RC tests you on. When you read the passage, don't focus on the details. Screw the details. You should be able to follow the content of the argument as you go on, but what you should be thinking about is

What was the purpose of that paragraph I just read?

What is the main point (almost always hinted at in the last sentence of paragraph 1)?

What are the opposing views?

How is this paragraph connected to the overall passage, i.e argument flow?

The thing is, once you get good at figuring out what the purpose of each paragraph is, and the order in which the argument flows, it becomes much easier to find the details you're looking for in specific question. 

It's much harder, however, to try and figure things like main point and argument flow out AFTER you've finished the passage. Doing so will require a fair bit of rereading, and you'll waste time.

2) Develop a SIMPLE annotation system, but don't rely on it too much.

Honestly, annotations might help, but if you really want to get to the level of acing RC, you can't rely on them, at least in my opinion. You need to be able to hold that information in your head. You only have 7-10 minutes PER passage, and obsessing over annotating is just not that effective within that period.

The thing is, these passages are pretty short.

3) EVERY question has an answer in the text.

That's right. The text wins over your intuition, 100% of the time (Well, except when you simply have no time, but that shouldn't happen if you've practiced enough).


5) Isolate your weaknesses and work on them.

If your score is fluctuating like that, you may not have some specific recurring weaknesses. But maybe a certain subject matter always gives you trouble. Maybe science passages go slowly for you. Don't let this be an issue. Read Scientific American, or the Economist, or any well-written magazine in the subject that gives you trouble. Spend 30 minutes a day on their website reading articles.

6) When you review question you missed, go in the passage and find out exactly why your answer was wrong, why any answers you failed to eliminate were wrong, and why the correct answer was right.

上面六条建议应该是RC最中肯的建议了。Manhattan RC建议在读完RC以后要在脑子里有一个map,也就是你清楚地知道每一个段落的作用。这就是第一条建议。


Rule #1:Rush your time on easy passages.尝试用5分钟甚至4分钟读完做完第一篇文章
Rule #2:一切答案都在文章,不要YY

建议RC drill一天8篇 back to back,RC是制约大多数人分数的存在。

基本这一阶段就是 LG重复, LR buckle down + RC的back to back drill



Blind review,在你做错题后,不要记答案,而是重新去做一遍这道题,看看为什么你选的选项是错的。


1) why the right answer is right?
2) why the wrong answers are wrong?
3) what makes me think the right answer is wrong?
4) and what makes me think the wrong answer is right?

第三阶段: Full time practice



And this is my PT schedule

February: (Just to show what has already been done)

(2/4).......... PT 40

(2/15).......... PT 41

(2/18).......... PT 50

(2/25).......... PT 51


(3/2).......... PT 67

(3/9).......... PT 66 and RC from PT 38, Review on 3/10

(3/12).......... PT 52, Review 3/16

(3/14).......... PT 53 and RC from PT 37, Review 3/17

(3/19).......... PT 65, Review 3/23

(3/21).......... PT 64 and RC from PT 36, Review 3/24

(3/26).......... PT 54, Review 3/30

(3/28).......... PT 55 and RC from PT 35, Review 3/31


(4/2).......... PT 56, Review 4/6

(4/4).......... PT 63 and RC from PT 33, Review 4/7

(4/9).......... PT 57, Review 4/13

(4/11).......... PT 58 and RC from PT 32, Review 4/14

(4/16).......... PT 62, Review 4/20

(4/18).......... PT 61 and RC from PT 31, Review 4/21

(4/23).......... PT 59, Review 4/27

(4/25).......... PT 60 and RC from PT 30, Review 4/28

May: the final stretch, all at the test center review

(4/30).......... PT 68, Review 5/4

(5/2).......... PT 43 and RC from PT 29, Review 5/5

(5/7).......... PT 44 and PT 63, Review 5/11

(5/9).......... PT 45 and PT 62, Review 5/12

(5/14).......... PT 46 and Preptest B, Review 5/18

(5/16).......... PT 47 and Preptest C, Review 5/19

(5/21).......... PT 48 and PT 64, Review 5/25

(5/23).......... PT 49 and PT 50, back to back, Review 5/26

(5/28).......... PT 65 and 66, back to back, Review 6/1

(5/30).......... PT 42 and PT 67 back to back, Review 6/2


(6/1 - 6/9).......... Mental prep, more on this when the time comes

(6/10).......... PT 69 at the test center


把所有50以后的PT全部做三遍。我认识两个180,一个是Yale的summa cum laude,所有PT做了3遍,另一个是我的朋友,也是所有PT3遍。我自己做了也大概3遍左右。所以记住 LSAT is a lot of hard work.

做PT时候建议去下载一个LSAT proctor的app, IOS上有,大概是9.99美金的样子。

之后按照blind review来执行订正。

Full time PT过程你可能会有心理起伏,这时候可以多找父母或者好朋友吐槽。


最后 Test day experience

早点去考场,拿着前一天准备好的LG (几个类型的各准备一个)+若干LR,热身,之后不要过早去排队,尽量晚一点,提前去厕所。准备好表,吃的和ticket。

Good luck with your LSAT prep. Fighting.

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