雅思阅读:谚语的使用技巧 助你更上一层楼
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  雅思阅读谚语使用技巧是英语学习中的一大绊脚石。我们不明白这些俗语的含义,是因为我们和英语国家的文化背景不同。如果能在汉语中为这些俗语找到对应的说法,问题就解决了。我们向你介绍一些英汉合璧的雅思阅读谚语使用技巧,帮助你的英语学习更上一层楼。  [b] 1.After meat, mustard; after death, doctor 。[/b]   雨后送伞   Explanation: this describes a situation where assistance or comfort is given when it is too late。   Example: just as I had cancelled my application to go abroad, I had a promise of money for my fare. It was a case of fter death, the doctor。 [b]  2. After praising the wine they sell us vinegar。[/b]   挂羊头卖狗肉   Explanation: to offer to give or sell something that is inferior to what you claim it to be。   Example: that fellow completely misled us about what he was capable of doing. After praising the wine, he sold us vinegar。 [b]  3. All is over but the shouting。[/b]   大势已去   Explanation: finally decided or won; brought to the end; not able to be changed。   Example: after Bill’s touch down, the game is all over but shouting。  [b] 4. All lay load on the willing horse。[/b]   人善被人欺,马善被人骑   Explanation: a willing horse is someone who is always doing things for others. Very often the implication is that others impose on him。   Examples: the trouble is you're too good-natured and people take advantage of it. all lay load on the willing horse. You will have to learn to refuse people who ask too much。 [b]  5.anger and haste hinder good counsel。[/b]   小不忍则乱大谋   Explanation: one can not act wisely when one is angry or in a hurry。   Example: you should calm down before you decide the next move. Anger and haste hinder good counsel。  [b] 6. As poor as a church mouse[/b]   一贫如洗   Explanation: to be exceedingly poor, having barely to live upon。   Example: he has a large family, and is poor as a church mouse。   Note: a church is one of the few buildings that contain no food。 [b]  7. A word spoken is past recalling。[/b]   一言既出,驷马难追   Explanation: the harm done by a careless word can not easily undo。   Example: for the rest of his life he regretted what he had said, but a word spoken is past recalling and he knew he could never repair the damage of that moment of harshness。   NOW, TRY YOUR HAND ON THE FOLLOWING:(根据解释,试试翻译下面的谚语)   Love is blind。   beauty is a matter of individual taste and judgement. This is often used of a person whose judgement is affected by love or infatuation。   Better to die in glory than live in dishonor。   if one has the choice between living in shame and degradation and dying in glory, it is better to die。   Birds of a feather flock together。   people who are alike often become friend or are together: if you are often with certain people, you may be their friends or like them。   Blood, toil, tears and sweat。   said of a person bending oneself to a task and exerting all efforts in the performance of one duty。   Calamity is man true touchstone。   the most telling test of a man ability and worth comes when he has to face great difficulties。   Clean conscience laughs at false accusation。   a person who knows he has done no wrong is morally stronger than those who falsely accuse him are。   Cry over spilt milk。   to cry or complain about something that has already happened   以上就是雅思阅读谚语使用技巧的相关介绍,希望对大家有所帮助,最后祝大家都能考出好成绩。
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