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  备考雅思口语考试的过程中,机经可以说是中国考生的一大特色,然后雅思口语机经的大量以及所谓高分雅思口语模板的使用也让很多考生的雅思口语思路同一化,这其实无形中是很扣分的,因此想要获得高分雅思口语就需要换一个雅思口语思路,那么如何去换答题的思路呢?   雅思口语思路——第一部分的个人熟悉话题问答题:   当考官问道:“Do you like Music?”   考生回答:“观点:yes, I do。   理由:Cuz music makes me feel relaxed。   例子:for example, sweet and light music are the best choice。   下面我们来根据口语的四大评分标准来提高我们的答案:   Fluency流利,Grammar语法,Vocabulary词汇,pronunciation发音   观点 (旧):yes, I do   观点(新):yes, I’m pretty keen on music, I’m just so passionateabout it, really a big fan of it。   理由(旧):Cuz music makes me feel relaxed。   理由(新):Cuz music can purify your mind. When listening to the music, all the pressure, panic and anxiety due to the fierce competition of the quick-paced society just disappear。   例子(旧):for example, sweet and light music are the best choice。   例子(新):especially, for instance, my favorite is some American country music, such as the famous one “ take me home, country roads”, it makes you feel a world where there are nice people, clear streams, fresh air, vast farmland and country roads with daisies and beautiful sunshine。   新的答案在语法是7分,词汇也是7分;如果学生在表达的时候能做到完美,即流利获得9分和发音也获得9分,那么,四项平均以后的得分就是8分的口语。在现实的考试当中,如果学生的Fluency6分,Pronunciation也6分,那得分就是6.5分。   这种评分方法将会继续贯穿于口语的第二部分和第三部分,考官会根据考生在三部分的综合表现打出分数,下面让我们来研究一下第二部分。   雅思口语思路——第二部分(根据要求)两分钟即兴演讲   例如:考官要求你描述一个城市,可以写一分钟笔记,要求讲话一到二分钟。   Describe a city that you like best ①   Where it is ②   What are the general features ③   What you can do there ④   Explain why it is your favorite city ⑤   根据雅思口语考试的四大评分标准,我们来设计答案:   Fluency流利,Grammar语法,Vocabulary词汇,pronunciation发音   Describe a city that you like:描述一个你喜欢的城市:   观点:杭州是我去过的最印象深刻的城市之一   Hangzhou is one of the most impressive cities where I have even been   理由:因为我感到印象很深刻对于交通、风景如画的景点,和地方特色美食。   because I was deeply impressed by the transport, the picturesque scenery spot, and the food specialtythere。   例子:具体来说,我想谈谈城际特快列车,西湖和东坡肉。   To be more precise, I’m gonna talk about the intercity express train, the west lake and the soysauced Dongpo Pork。   ② Where it is, 他在哪里   观点:我很喜欢她的地理位置,杭州位于中国的南部,在长江三角洲上。   I particularly like its situation. Hangzhou is located on the southern part of china, on the Yangtze river delta。   理由:你知道,坐和谐号城际特快列车,从上海去那里很方便。   You know, from shanghai to Hangzhou, it is really convenient to go by CRH (china railway highspeed), namely, the inter-city express。   例子: 例子:上周我刚去过杭州,我花了54元,两个小时就到了杭州,而且和谐号是非常舒适和惬意的,平稳的滑行,咆哮行驶在时速198公里/小时,跟英吉利海峡峡面的欧洲之星特快列车是差不多的。   Actually, I just went there last week, I paid 54 kaui, it took me 2 hours on the train, by the way, the CRH was really comfy and cozy, smooth and stable, roaring down the rail at 198 kilometers per hour,quite similar to the EuroStar express train under the English Channel。   ③What are the general features 什么是主要的总体特色?   观点:是西湖让我如此喜欢杭州   it is the west lake that greatly contributes to my fondness for the city。   理由:湖滨自然的成为人们休闲散步,同时呼吸新鲜空气的地方   The Lakeside naturally serves as a place for people to have a bit of walk,enjoying the fresh air at the same time。   例子: 例子:由于西湖在杭州的市中心,周围有诸多的高楼大厦,所以几乎每一个来杭州的人都会来感受自然和城市和谐结合得这样一个美景。   Since the west lake is in the downtown area of Hangzhou, right among the concrete jungle of the city, nearly everyone who visits Hangzhou likes to come and enjoy the harmonious integration between the Nature of the lake and the modernization of buildings nearby。   ④What you can do there 你能在那里做什么?   观点:东坡肉是很受欢迎的一种特色菜,即对旅游者来说,也对当地人来说。   Soysauced Dongpo Pork is a very popular specialty dish among tourists and locals as well。   理由:因为他味道很重很咸,很肥很好吃但不油腻。   Because it has strong flavour, very savoury, fatty, yummy but not greasy。   例子: 例子:杭州最正宗的东坡肉在西湖边上的楼外楼餐厅,每天都挤满了人。边享美食边赏湖景。这就是我们所谓的生活啊!   The most authentic Dongpo Pork can be served in the restaurant, Building Beyond Building, beside the west lake, it is always packed with customers. They usually chose a window seat to enjoy the delicate cuisine while appreciating the placidness of the lake. That is what we call LIFE!   ⑤Explain why it is your favorite city解释为什么这是你最喜欢的城市   观点:这是一次难忘的旅行   this trip is the one which I shall never forget。   理由:他让我大开眼界。   It made my mind open。   例子:我高度推荐您有空也去看一看   I highly recommend you to go and have a look。   接下来,让我们继续分析第三部分。   雅思口语思路——第三部分社会客观分析问答题   考官问道:what kind of qualities a good leader should have?   考生回答:   观点1:A good leader should be passionate,   理由1:Because his passion will help him do well。   例子1: 例子1:In business, a passionate boss can do his business better when he likes it。   观点2: 观点2:A good leader also should be like a model。   理由2: 理由2:Because followers will all learn from their leader。   例子2: 例子2:In Business, successful leadership is mainlyabout whether his employees work as hard as their boss does。   根据雅思口语考试的四大评分标准,我们来提高答案:   Fluency流利,Grammar语法,Vocabulary词汇,pronunciation发音   观点1(旧):A good leader should be passionate。   观点1(新):successful leaders would probably be quite passionate and enthusiastic about what they do。   成功的领导人应该很可能是非常激情和热情地对待他们所作的事情。   理由1(旧):Because his passion will help him do well。   理由1(新):Success comes easily when someone is obsessed with his career. He will be more relentless in the pursuit of his goals if he’s keen on his business. He will achieve his peak performance only when he’s doing the thing which interests him or something he cares about。   成功来得容易当一个人沉溺于他的职业,他会更加不停歇地追求他的目标如果他很喜欢他的生意,他将会到达顶峰表现只有当他做自己感兴趣的事情和他在意的事情。   例子1(旧):In business, a passionate boss can do his business better when he likes it。   例子1(新):Entrepreneurs who succeed do not mind the fact that they are putting in 15 or 18 hours a day to their business because they absolutely love what they do.Success in business is all about patienceand hard work, which can only be attained if someone is passionate and crazy with his tasks and activities. So, most of the time, the more passionate a man is, the more successful he can be。   成功的企业家不介意一个事实,他们每天工作15到18个小时仅仅因为他们绝对的喜欢他们所做的,只有当你对疯狂的热爱你的任务和活动的时候,你才会耐心和努力工作,这使你商业上成功。所以,大多数情况下,你越是激情,你就会越成功。   观点 观点2(旧):A good leader also should be reliable。   观点2(新): True leaders should have trustworthiness built on good relationship with his followers。   真正的领导人应该由别人的信任,建立在他很好的人际关系。   理由2(旧):because no one will work for the person who can not be trusted。   理由2(新):the way they deal with people will lay the foundation for the strength of their groups. The stronger the relationship is, the stronger the subordinates’ trust and confidence is in their capabilities。   他们处理和人们的关系为他们队的优点建立了基础,这种关系越强,他的下属的对他的信任和信心就越加成为他们的综合能力。   例子2(旧):In Business, successful leadership is mainly about whether his employees believein their boss or not。   例子2(新):Studies have shown that one fundamental basis of business leadership is the trust and confidence that employees have on their manager. Only when they have faith in their leader will they go through hell and high water for him and for the organization。   以上就是小编总结雅思口语答题思路转换的方法,都是通过实例来讲解这种思路的转换的,相信对绝大多数的雅思口语考生还是非常有参考价值的,如果能够保持好自己雅思口语大体的独一性的话,离高分也就更近一步了。小编预祝同学们在雅思考试中取得好的成绩。
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