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[align=center][font=微软雅黑][size=2][attachimg]5356[/attachimg][/size][/font][/align] [align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]寄托的首个GRE满分大神crazyrobin曾在经验分享帖「 [url=http://bbs.gter.net/thread-1510435-1-1.html]非传统: Foolproof Guide To A 340 on GRE[/url] 」中力荐Magoosh GRE Premium ↓↓[/size][/font][/align] [align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]『Recommended. 这是我做过得所有题中最好的题。思路和GRE考试高度一致,可以分类筛选题目,适应性难度。里面的难题让我在面对真正的GRE考试时候轻松面对。大量的词汇巩固了我本来的词汇。这次考试我只有1-2个词不认识。Magoosh很贵$99,但是对于我来说这99美金花的很值。』[/size][/font][/align] [align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]对不少Always listen to Robin的GTers来说,Magoosh也成了大神认证的杀鸡神器。昨日寄托官方组织的Magoosh Premium团购完满地落下了帷幕,预计50人的成团指标早早超过,最终有过百的备考同学热烈响应。[/size][/font][/align] [align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]附几道crazyrobin分享不同难度的Magoosh填空题:[/size][/font][/align] [align=left][b][font=微软雅黑][size=2]Easy[/size][/font][/b][/align][align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2] 1. Much of the consumer protection movement is predicated on the notion that routine exposure to seemingly _______________ products can actually have long-term deleterious consequences. (A) outdated (B) banal (C) litigious (D) virulent (E) benign 2. The flood of innovation that has engendered many of last decade’s technological breakthroughs has also claimed some victims in its wake: companies once at the (i) ___________________ of such innovation have now become (ii) ___________________. (i) (A) brink (B) forefront (C) periphery (ii) (D) remarkably pioneering (E) mostly obsolete (F) increasingly relevant [b]Medium[/b] 1. For a writer with a reputation for both prolixity and inscrutability, Thompson, in this slim collection of short stories, may finally be intent on making his ideas more ________________ to a readership looking for quick edification. (A) trying (B) prescient (C) palatable (D) inaccessible (E) transcendent 2. That traditional forms of media—despite considerable variance in the quality of writing—tend to report on a range of issues _________________ by the demands of the readership should ________________ those who believe that the demise of each media outlet signals a lamentable reduction in the scope of news reported. (i) (A) unbounded (B) circumscribed (C) sensationalized (ii) (D) discourage (E) reassure (F) rile up [b]Difficult [/b] 1. Rubens, for all his high-flown rhetoric, churns out book reviews that have come to seem _______________: from decades of eviscerating other’s prose, he now relies on a familiar and tired formula. (A) vitriolic (B) perfunctory (C) erudite (D) mawkish (E) draconian 2. Keane argues that the political conditions during the early years of the United States were, if anything, (i) _________________ to the formation of a nation united by one document: the Constitution. Rather, had it not been for a few men—Keane invokes the triumvirate of Jefferson, Hamilton, and Madison—to (ii) _________________ the Constitution, despite the seemingly implacable opposition of anti-Federalists, the central government would have had to (iii) _________________ matters of rule to the individual states. (i) (A) permissive (B) conducive (C) inimical (ii) (D) challenge (E) champion (F) undermine (iii) (G) cede (H) reintroduce (I) deny [b]Very difficult[/b] 1. With numerous exciting public works projects in the offing, residents are understandably (i) _______________ ; yet because such prodigious undertakings are inevitably plagued with numerous setbacks, much of the fervor is likely to be (ii) _________________ a heavy dose of reality. (i) (A) vexed (B) concerned (C) agog (ii) (D) tempered with (E) intensified by (F) precluded by 2. For an actor who prepares so (i) _______________ for each role, the characters he chooses to portray are (ii) _______________; nonetheless even the most nebbish persona he depicts on screen always appears on the verge of a(n) (iii) _______________, as though the actor’s suppressed agitation is ready to burst forth. (i) (A) passively (B) carefully (C) feverishly (ii) (D) curiously anemic (E) totally irresponsible (F) somewhat puissant (iii) (G) breakthrough (H) meltdown (I) epiphany[/size][/font][/align] [align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]答案请见:[url=http://bbs.gter.net/thread-1595461-1-1.html]http://bbs.gter.net/thread-1595461-1-1.html[/url][/size][/font][/align][align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]团购页面:[url=http://bbs.gter.net/thread-1730860-1-1.html]http://bbs.gter.net/thread-1730860-1-1.html[/url][/size][/font][/align][align=left][font=微软雅黑][size=2]寄托天下原创 转载请注明出处[/size][/font][/align]
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