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  托福写作题:Agree or disagree: your job has more effect on your happiness than social life does。   题型分类:比较题   论证角度:原因挖掘   观点选择:让步   开头:跟社会生活相比,工作对我们幸福的影响更大(话题引入+他人观点+明确立场+过渡)   The pursuit of happiness is one of human being's basic rights. Jobs and social lives are two elements that can affect our happiness and people are universally striving for a balance between them. Thus, an interesting discussion arises on which one exerts more influence upon people's happiness: jobs or social lives? Opinions are divided and from my perspective, jobs outweigh social lives in affecting people's happiness. There are some reasons and examples as follows that illustrate my point of view. (80字)   中间段1:工作能让人实现自我,充满有成就感(主题句+说理论证+细节例子)   Firstly, jobs make people feel valuable and fulfilled, which is closely related to happiness. It is because everyone is born to this world with a mission. Apart from rudimentary physical demands like eating and sleeping, people need to search for the meaning of life, and working is the best way to realize this kind of value. It is no denying that the realization of the value of life is the ultimate form of happiness. For example, Steve Jobs, as we all know, is a workaholic without abundant social lives, but from his biography I can feel that his work is the biggest resource of his happiness. (105字)   中间段2:工作带来财富,而财富是幸福感的物质保证(主题句+说理论证+细节例子)   Secondly, jobs bring people money that is the material guarantee of happiness. Albeit ruthless, we have to admit that happiness without the foundation of material is not real happiness. In other word, all seemingly happy lives are based on decent financial strength. Meanwhile, jobs are the most stable way to gain wealth, which indeed plays a significant role in influencing our happiness. A good case in point is my cousin's family whose happiness is well admired by others. At first, they live in extravagant villa with 3 servants. Besides, my cousin is studying at an American university, while his mother is stunning everyday by using expensive cosmetics and ornaments. In a sense, happiness can be bought by money. (118字)   让步段:当然,社会生活对一个人幸福感的提升也有作用,比如交朋友本身也是一件令人幸福的事情。但是在社交中,更多的目的还是基于完成工作,纯粹的友谊建立很难在社交场合完成(承认漏洞+堵漏)   It is true that social lives can have some effects on people's happiness. For instance, one advantage that the participation of social activities is enriching our personal relationships by getting to know more new people, and making friends per se are also a source of happiness. However, the main function of socializing is to make people's future work go smoothly, which is conducted under a pragmatic purpose. The construction of true friendship is hardly achieved in social occasions. (78字)   结尾:重申观点,归纳理由/升华主题   In conclusion, compared with social lives, jobs play a more important role in influencing people's happiness. Jobs not only enable people to enjoy a sense of achievement, but also offer a stable source of finance that lays the groundwork for people's happiness. (42字)
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