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  w00t=woot=what=虾米?!主要表示what和yeah的意思,例如惊叹和兴奋。   1337=l337=l33t=leet=elite=很强,超强的西西(例句:l33t demo;lefuzee is l337!!!!)   lame=滥;衰 (例句:dude,thats the lamest thing iveever heard。哥们,这是我听过的最sb的事情。   dude=d00d=(原意:花花公子)哥们,朋友   pffffff=whatever=随便;爱咋咋地; ("f"的多少和"pffffffff"的长短代表你的感情激烈程度)   n00b=newbie=新人,新手;小嫩手   sry=不好意思;   2=to   4=for   B=be   U=you   R=are   C=see   AFK=away from keyboard   ASAP=as soon as possible   BTW=by the way   BBIAM=be back in a minute   CU=see you【托福词汇】   CUL=see you later   CWYL=char with you later   FE=for example   F2F=face to face   FYI=for your information(供参考)   FYR=for your reference   FU=.。.这个不用说了吧 0_0   GL=good luck   GTG=got to go   GTH=go to hell   HTH=hit the hay(睡觉去了,hay:床)   IAC=in any case   ILY=i love you   IMO=in my opinion   KIT=keep in touch   NRN=no reply necessary(不必回信)   NP=no problem   OMG=oh my god   OIC=oh i see   OTOH=on the other hand   ORLY=oh really?   PEM=privacy enhanced mail(保密邮件)【托福词汇】   RSN=real soon now(马上)   TM=trust me   WB=welcome back   WTG=way to go   WYP=what's your problem?   上面就是托福词汇中的新潮词汇缩写词介绍,像中国青年一样,如果你不会说几句“神马”都是“浮云”,那么你就落伍了。看到这些有趣的词汇,你会不会觉得托福口语的备考也稍微有趣了一些?
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