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题目:Some people believe the purpose of education is to prepare people to be useful members for society. Others say that the purpose of education is to achieve personal ambitions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion。   解析:   教育的目的是为了社会的发展还是个人的抱负?这个题目以前也考过多次,最近一次是2011年的8月13号。其实这两者是不矛盾的。除了少数觉悟比较高的同学是为了国家和天下而读书,恐怕大多数同学都是为了个人的前途而读书。但是客观上来说,当你自己学业有成的时候,你也就能够为社会做出更大的贡献,所以读书为社会和为个人,其实是可以统一起来的。   回到这个题目,既然是写作考试,就需要按照题目要求从两方面来回答。文章的正方写的是为了社会而读书,给出了以下几条理由:有很多国家的教育是免费的(比如除了中国以外的某些国家),政府花钱给你读书,所以希望你能够回报社会(contribute in return to the society)。另外,不管你的主观目的是什么,当你受了教育之后你就有更大的能力为社会做贡献(serve the society),所以为了社会而读书的理由能够成立。   反方是为了个人的成就和抱负而读书。我们仍然可以谈谈学费问题,当你在交纳各种学杂费择校费补课费考试费的时候,难道你此时心里想的是国家社稷?比如说你出国留学,花了几十万,难道是为了学成以后报效祖国?这么思想高尚的人毕竟是少数。我们不能忽略一个事实,受教育能够让人找到好的工作,过更好的生活,有更高的社会地位(social status),所以读书为了个人发展,这样的观点也是理由充分的。如果大家读书为了个人前途和抱负(ambition and aspiration),应该会更有动力(be more motivated)。   结论段仍然是我们的折中式写法:如果读书只为社会,那么很多人会失去学习动力(lose motivation),但是每个受教育的人都应该承担自己的社会责任。如果读书只为自己的话,那么教育的产品将会是一些拿着高学历的自私自利的人。   2014-4-12 教育的目的:对社会有益vs。实现个人抱负(教育类话题)   The purpose of education is difficult to define and people from different backgrounds may have varying opinions about this issue。   There is a wide recognition that the goal of education is to cultivate useful members for the society. In many countries, schools are funded or subsidized by the government; therefore, people expect the graduates to contribute in return to the society. In addition, well-educated people can better serve the society, considering the knowledge and skills that they acquire through good education. This fact makes people believe that the purpose of education is to prepare qualified personnel for the development of the society。   However, some people argue that, from the perspective of students, the purpose of education is to achieve their personal ambitions or realize their own dreams. This viewpoint is advocated particularly among people who need to pay the tuition fee by themselves, as not all countries provide free and high quality compulsory education. Moreover, if people bear in mind that they can live a better life in the future by studying hard in school, they are likely to be more motivated in their study. When we consider the fact that people with higher education level usually enjoy better living conditions and higher social status, it seems to be true that the purpose of receiving education is for one’s personal welfare and aspirations。   In my opinion, education should serve both purposes: the prosperity of the society and the fulfillment of personal ambitions. If we overemphasize the benefits that education can bring to the society, individuals may lose their motivation in study. On the other hand, it is also wrong for a person to forget the social responsibility that he or she should take. Without devotion and commitment to the well-being of all social members, the products of education would be selfish personnel with qualifications。
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