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  In a modern society, people always face the dilemma to choose whether AAA or BBB. This problem is the much debated one in that it affects everybody in their daily lives. People may prefer one to another although some may have no opinions about it at all. Before rendering my opinion, I think it is necessary to take a glance at the arguments of both sides。   It is quite easy for average people to choose BBB because of the obvious reason that—. It can be given by a well known example that   But at the mean time, although BBB has some advantages, it also has many drawbacks such as —. Therefore we have no complete evidence to suggest that BBB is always better than AAA. What is more, the innate quality of AAA, unfortunately, is often underestimated; in other words,if you notice the invisible benefits of choosing AAA, you can understand AAA more deeply   Here I would explain a few of the most important reasons. The main reason is that —. To illustrate this, there is an appropriate example that is very persuasive: -   — is only part of the important aspects, and another equally significant role of choosing AAA lies in the development of —。   This demonstrates the undeniable fact that —。   Besides, the further reason why I advocate AAA is that —. This may explain why —。   In addition, some experts maintain that —-. This significant point, however, is often not noticed by most people and accordingly, is unconsciously overlooked   Finally, as a proverb says, “Everything has two sides”. Although I admit that there are a couple of advantages of —-, I still think that the disadvantages of it are more obvious. Such as —, —-, and —-. This demonstrates that we have no complete evidence to suggest that BBB is always better than AAA   If all the factors above are considered, we will find out that the advantages of AAA outweigh those of BBB. Therefore from what we have discussed, we may safely come to the conclusion that choosing AAA is a rather wise decision. But I have not denied the opinion that choosing BBB. I must admit that people can do well without AAA, but no one can ignore the added convenience and satisfaction offered by AAA. Such experience will definitely be helpful in one’s later life。   从上述托福写作模板可以看出,托福写作高分作文都是一些常用的表达语句,没有复杂的长难句和偏词怪词,所以大家在平时托福写作备考中可以多总结一些常用表达,总结自己的托福写作模板,不要和其他人千篇一律,才有可能拿到满意的托福写作成绩。
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