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[b]答案必须对应原文[/b] Step 7. Once you have tackled all the line and paragraph references ruthlessly, you should have already finished reading the entire passage and because you had focused in on the passage in numerous instances, you should also be well-equipped to answer your circled general questions. I always find it's easier to answer these general question at this point, seeing as how you hit up the passage numerous times already along the way. Remember to never choose an answer unless you can truly back it up with evidence from the passage. Even "inferences" do not stray far from the text. If they did, then the "best answer" would be up in the air. Do not be misled by the word "inference" - it's a misnomer. A large number of these can actually be pulled straight from the passage. It's all about the passage - not what you think or have learned thus far in school. Being one with a text and not extracting too much from it is a valuable skill to learn. Don't put words into the author's mouth. Another very helpful thing to remember when viewing the choices is that extreme choices (including the words ALWAYS, NEVER, or BEST) are rarely ever correct because they fall under the hard-to-prove category of generalization within inductive reasoning. Though you've heard this tip many times and it sounds obvious, it is so helpful (yet easy to forget) and you often find yourself internally justifying these kinds of generalizing answers. Just say no (in a ruthless yet eternally positive way). 作者:答案必须对应原文。SAT阅读命题的主要原则是“对应思维”,80%以上的问题答案都能在原文直接找到,即使是号称“推断题”(inference)的问题,它们的答案也直接对应原文或针对原文做反向思考。因此,发散性思维不适合SAT考试,对应原文才是正道。除了“对应原文”的直接做法以外,还可以排除干扰选项,如文中提到的一些含有“极端意义”的选项(如best等)。 [b]反复练习才是王道[/b] Step 8. My method of tackling long passages is somewhat time-consuming, but time is something that can be reduced through assiduous practice. This method is so effective in getting the right answer, and I fully vouch for it from personal experience. What I also did during practice was that I gave myself twenty minutes instead of twenty-five in the standard CR sections, and I rapidly tried to utilize my developed method. It was extremely difficult to meet the twenty-minute deadline at first but I got better and better at it through practice. While time can be addressed easily through practice, a fundamentally bad approach to the passages cannot. You should try out this method if you are having trouble with CR passages - be open. This method was THE contributing factor for my rise from a 500 to an 800 in CR. Thanks, and tell your friends about this article. Good luck! 作者:反复练习才是王道。假如选定了一个方法,可以试用,如果基本适合,就应该多练习,直至极为娴熟。当然,无论用什么方法都要根据自己的情况进行调整。真题要刷三遍。此外,如文中所说,练习时的时间要求必须比考试时严格。最理想状态是考试时一个25分钟的段落,练习时能在20分钟左右(含填涂答案时间)完成,较理想状态是22分钟完成,一般状态是24分钟完成。祝各位好运!
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