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[img]http://www.gter.net/api/file.php?url=image/20121101/20121101102111_12835.jpg[/img] 1. "Develop a messianic sense of purpose." Where is your passion for this subject coming from? Convey that. ”对内容有很大的热忱”。告诉观众你对演讲主题的热情来自哪里。 2. "Create Twitter-like headlines." People don’t want to read, they want to hear a story. “标题简洁”。人们不想阅读大段文字,他们想听你的故事。 3. "Draw a road map." Make your audience feels the presentation is organized, with a beginning, middle and end. “思路明确”。用“开头,中间部分,结尾”的结构让观众感觉到你演讲的清晰思路。 4. “Introduce the antagonist.” What’s the problem that needs to be solved or the enemy to be overcome? ”介绍对手”。有什么问题亟待解决?有什么敌人还需攻克? 5. “Reveal the conquering hero." What’s the solution to the problem? What’s the new angle or development that will lead to victory? “揭露问题真相”。问题的解决方式是什么?是新观点或是发展迎来了胜利吗? 6. “Dress up your numbers.” Present statistics in a context that is relevant to your audience. “让数据大放异彩”。数据可以引用在更贴近观众生活的地方。 7. “Share the stage.” It’s not a one-man show. Rotate in other presenters if possible. “分享舞台”。演讲不是独角戏,尽量让听众们也参与到你的演讲中来。 8. “Master stage presence.” Manage your body language and delivery. Match them to what your presentation requires. “掌控演讲”。让你的肢体语言和表达方式有演讲范儿。 9. “Make it look effortless.” Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. “看起来侃侃而谈”。不断练习。 10. "Wear the appropriate costume."Dress like the leader you want to become. “穿合适的衣服”。要看起来像你一直羡慕的领导风范。 11. "Toss the script." Once you’ve rehearsed it all, make it relaxed and natural. “不要演讲稿”。如果你已准备充分,就放轻松自然地演讲吧。 12. “Have fun.” Even if things go sideways, roll with it. “享受演讲”。如果事情跑偏了,就随遇而安吧。
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