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05年4月2日 Sydney 考题G类[b][b]IELTS 听力7 分 答案(2nd, April, 05. Sydney 考题 ) Section 1 and Section 2和机经上答案差不多。 Section1: V34 s 1 Section2: V69 s2. 18题不一样。我选A[b]18. What does he think about the job? A easy Section 3 about video program 曾在哪见过,但在机经上没找着。[b]一男一女和LECTURER 讨论video program,填表题,答案记得有:[b]男的说:invite some one to have dinner, [b]女的说: have learned slang, [b]男的说:know cutting is important[b]女的说:know cooperation [b]最后一个这个记不得了。 Section 4 讲LONDON地下结构,填表题[b]记得大意[b]地下5米[b]地下10米 下水管 选:have been damaged (大意)[b]地下 20米 underground railway 选: being rebuilt 和[b] the oldest one in the would大意)[b]地下30米 underground train 选: fuel has been changed(大意) 然后是段落填空,答案有:[b]A great deal of rubbish is thrown into river;[b]There are 100 underground stations [b]road traffic[b]the project named: ‘Cut and Cover’ G 类 写作题[b]Task 1:[b]You are taking an evening course in a college. But you find that the class is different from what has been described in the manual. Write a letter to the director and give some suggestions to the teacher. Task 2:[b]Some people think that Olympic Games is not important any more, so 2004 Olympic games should be the last one. Do you agree and disagree? 口语:[b]Talk about a story about a child.[b]You should include: when did you know? how did you know,what is it? why does it impress you? [b]
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